Becky (giraffemommy) wrote in ds_adult,

WEP key help!

OK, so I got the answers I needed, but now I'm obsessed with going online with my DS!! I need to know what my WEP key is. I have a 2wire modem, and there is something on there that says "key", and when I tried that, it did not work! The DS has detected the modem, I just need the WEP key. I tried to take some pictures of the modem, I know you can't read any of the numbers, but if someone out there has a 2wire modem can see, or direct me to which part of the modem to look.

Apparantly, I entered the key # in wrong...I tried it a couple more times and it worked...sort of. I then got error code 51300, says it's unable to connect to an access point. ARGH!
and i also realized i TOTALLY forgot to include the pictures..(i'm having a total blonde day today), but at this point it's kind of a moot point anyways.
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The WEP key is essentially a password, a code that a device needs to know in order to connect to your network. We can't tell you what your WEP key is.
so how can i find it?
If you bought your router new, you'd have had to make one up in the first place when you turned on WEP encryption. Either way, it'll be in your router settings.