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Nintendo DS for Adults

Not for Kiddies

Nintendo DS for Big Kids
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This community was created as an alternative DS community for adults.

The primary DS community on LiveJournal is an All-Ages community, so language and content are very censored by the moderators as to not offend or pollute the minds of the underage members.

This community is not an all-ages community. It is for fans of the Nintendo DS who are of age and not opposed to profanity or other talk of an adult nature ("grown-up talk").

To combat some already existent misconstrued perceptions about this community, "DS_ADULT" does not equal "DS_PORN."
Adult means that we all recognize that the only people who are supposed to be reading this community are adults, so we're not going to censor ourselves for "non existent 10 year olds."

But if you want to talk about DS porn... well, then as an adult, that's your right.

Language is not censored here - feel free to say that your game of choice "fucking rocks"; however, blatantly hateful comments directed towards other members is, as always, not acceptable. Post should be kept relatively on-topic (i.e., about the DS), but if it ends up being slightly off-topic yet still somehow related to the subject matter of the community, you won't have your head ripped off and it will be accepted. Exceptions to this rule would be annoying quizzes and other such spammage.

This community is 100% evil moderator dictatorship free. We realize that this is a simple LJ community and will never act like we're providing some sort of special service to our members. We will also never beg for money or sexual favors.

Feel free to enjoy yourselves here, as you do not have to worry about corrupting the youth the world.

And remember... Touching is Good.

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