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Heyy, newbie here!

Hello. My name is Paul and I am new to this community. I am -- by choice -- a DS exclusive gamer. I happen to have some technology that, how we shall say, expands my game selection, so I pretty much have plenty to play on this handheld beauty. I am in my 20's and just graduated college, but as the hunt for job-ness and money goes on, so do the games! W00t!

Recently I've become enamored with Run-and-gun games such as Contra 4 and Metal Slug 7, even if they are a tad frustrating. So far I have Contra 4, Metal Slug 7, Commando: Steel Disaster, Nanostray, and Nanostray 2. Can anyone recommend any other games that feature raw SHMUP power?

Thanks and I look forward to having fun on this community!

~Paul G.

'We, who were changed by being bathed in the light only once, will spend our futures in a world without light.' ~Moon Tribe

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