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animal crossing q's

Hi everyone! I'm new to the community. I'm 24 and I am a stay at home mom on a little farm in Washington state. My daughter is 7 months old btw.
Anyways...I have had a DS for a few years now, but I kind of abandoned it for a while, but now that my job has become easier (baby is becoming more self sufficient), I've picked it back up. I restarted my town on Animal crossing, and I forgot how much I loved it! I have a couple questions though....
I found a coconut today. I remember once I planted a coconut somewhere, but it never grew. It sprouted, but then later died. What should I do to make this coconut grow, or should I just give up and sell the damn thing?

Also..Chow (a neighbor), is sick. He stays in his house and says he has a horrible cold and needs medecine. I have looked, but can't find medecine. My store just recently upgraded to the nook 'n go, and I haven't checked in the newly upgraded store yet...but I will shortly.

Lastly...I have a wireless modem for my high speed internet. It is through the company Qwest. I have both computers in the house plugged into it with eternet cables, but the modem itself is also wireless capable. How would I go about connecting my DS to the wifi? Do I have to buy something special for my DS, or something? I know I'm ridiculously clueless about this...But I've been out of the DS loop for a while!

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