John (brokecore) wrote in ds_adult,

Animal Crossing

Does anyone have AC? I need someone to visit my store and buy something so it can upgrade.
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Ohhh, I do!

I haven't played that game in a while, I wonder if I'm gonna get bitched at by Resettin
Nah he wont bitch unless you actually reset it haha
Lol, I think I turn the game off and forgot to save, oh boy.
I have it, but I haven't played in ages. And I don't have my DS with me at work.

You could try acww_adult. That's where I found some people to come over and buy stuff, so I could get the upgrade.

Hope that helps. :)
I saw that group but i didnt try it for some reason, thanks though! Sweet icon btw!
You're welcome.

LOL Dexter rocks!!! :D